Our aim is to design, install & commission a technically advanced system to control entry and exit throughout your building. Pioneer Security specialise in a range of Access Control Systems such as entry level single door systems up to C-Cure Integrated Access control databases and doors. 

The benefits to your business

  • Monitor locations of individuals
  • Manage access and user permissions
  • Control access time and locations for individual users
Pioneer Security - Finger Print Reader

Types of Access Control systems

Basic Entry Access system

This system consists of a single intercom and standalone reader on the entrance door. This is a cost-effective way to control traffic into your building, an ideal solution for a residential block of apartments, small office or unmanned reception.

Standalone Access Control system

This system is made up of several doors with access control readers. The customer has a choice of pin or card readers, depending on their preference. This system type is a step down from a networked access system but provides good security throughout a building.

Networked Access Control System

A Networked Access Control system is the ultimate solution in securing your building, staff and customers. Our system allows your monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to always be connected even when your alarm is not turned on, sending signals to our monitoring centre. The system is controlled by a centralised PC and using the dedicated software package, administrators can choose the time slots certain staff groups can enter the building. These systems also provide a quick solution for removing access rights to individuals who no longer require access.