Instant response

You can relax at home or away knowing that our quick responding team are here to protect you. Our team are on call and instantly respond to your Intruder, Fire Alarm andCarbon monoxide alarm activations, keeping you and your family safe. When your monitored alarm sensors activate, our team have a guaranteed 24/7 rapid response alerting you, your keyholders and the emergency services.

Our aim is for you to feel secure at home or when you are away. Relaxing knowing that you have 24/7 customer support with our team. There are no hidden costs and you are availing of a dedicated service with lifetime warranty along with routine service and maintenance of your alarm. Be Safe and at ease knowing that our trusted experts have you and your home secure. 

Built in cameras

Our Home Safety system is personalised for you. It will feature the newest and best technology including alarm sensors. Our sensors and cameras will instantly inform our service centre promoting an immediate response to a burglar.

Once triggered, images are sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre letting them know what is happening in your home.

Sensors also available without cameras if preferred.

24/7 Customer support and emergency services dispatch

Our service centre is on Call 365 days a year no matter what time of day or night.

Providing you with customer and technical support, complete monitored security with emergency services dispatch.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

We want to keep you safe not only from burglars but provide peace of mind with monitored verified smoke and carbon monoxide detector.s Our system allows your monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to always be connected even when your alarm is not turned on, sending signals to our service centre.

Our Home Safety System includes either a carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector as part of the standard pack.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm available for residential customers only.


Pioneer Home Security System

Available Features for home security systemS


To allow for ease of installation with no cables visible in your home.


So there is no need for a phone-line in your home.


So you can connect to your alarm whenever you want.


Our alarm system has wireless carbon monoxide and smoke detectors connected to it, to protect your family from silentdangers in your home.


We have a large engineering team on call 24/7, ensuring an engineer is always close-by.


To ensure you and a loved one are always safe.


Unique feature to allow you set only the windows and doors while you and your family are inside your home, allowing free movement while also remaining protected.


Allows you to set your alarm while your pet roams freely throughout your home during the day.