[slide-left]Pioneer Security has a strong pedigree in the Irish security industry and is run by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.[/slide-left]

[slide-right]Our aim as a company is to provide superior service, quality products and delivering the highest standards of installation. As a company we are customer focused and strive to deliver a tailored service to meet the requirements of each individual customer.[/slide-right]


Commercial Products & Services

Pioneer Security - Intruder Alarm Installation, Service and Monitoring

Intruder Alarm 

Installation, service & monitoring

Pioneer Security - Access Control Installation and Service

Access Control 

Installation & Service

Pioneer Security - CCTV Installation and Service


Installation & Service

Pioneer Security - Fire Alarm Installation and Service

Fire Alarm 

Installation & Service

Pioneer Security - Emergency Lighting Installation and Service

Emergency Lighting 

Installation & Service

Residential Systems

Pioneer Security - Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems


Our Clients

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